A Practical Guide to Confiscation and Restraint

by Narita Bahra QC, David Winch, John Carl Townsend | Paperback Book

About the book

This book is a practical and quick-reference guide to the highly topical and complex issues of Confiscation and Restraint under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) in criminal proceedings.

It is aimed at both prosecution and defence practitioners giving advice, preparing statements, and on their feet in the Crown Court or before Magistrates. Confiscation and Restraint issues arise in many criminal cases, where the prosecution seek to recover benefit from the assets of those convicted.

The book explains the underlying logic behind the various provisions and their operation in everyday practice. It is packed with useful insights and practical points to assist practitioners to swiftly identify and competently address the relevant issues, supported by references to authority in statute, case law and the Criminal Procedure Rules. The appendices provide examples of key documents which the practitioner can adapt to meet the defendant’s situation. A final chapter outlines issues in relation to civil account freezing and forfeiture applications in the Magistrates’ Court.

Connect with the author

Connect with Forensic Accountant, David Winch; one of the authors of ‘A Practical Guide to Confiscation’