Posted: 23 / 12 / 2021

We’re delighted to unveil Sedulo Forensic Accountants, the new name and brand for the historic Bartfields Forensic Accountants.

After the Bartfields accountancy practice joined the Sedulo Group in 2018, the forensic accounting skillset also joined the Group alongside decades of experience and legacy.

The Bartfields Forensic Accountants brand has been a well-established name in the forensic accounting market for around 30 years; so much so that Bartfields has continued to support legal teams across the UK and abroad since 2018 to continue the goodwill and legacy.

Alongside this, the Sedulo Group has continued to grow with the expansion into Liverpool and further growth into London happening in 2021 alone. As this was happening – and as the Forensic team have continued to evolve and welcome new clients, technologies and projects – it became clear that the time was approaching for the Bartfields brand to make the ‘full leap’ into the Sedulo Group in order to be a bigger part of the business’ ecosystem.

With this in mind, and to reflect the status as the Top 50 UK firm that we now are, we’re delighted to now operate under our new name and banner as Sedulo Forensic Accountants.

Not only will clients of Sedulo Forensic Accountants still get to enjoy working with the existing team that was in place at Bartfields, this transition will also give clients even greater access to the 180 advisors across the UK that the Sedulo Group has to offer in fields such as tax, wealth management, audit and more. This brand expansion also allows us to continue making our offering available to more cities across the UK, as well as abroad.

Of the unveiling of the new brand, Head of Crime Forensic Accounting at Sedulo Forensic Accountants and long-term team member at Bartfields, Elisabeth Scott, said:

“This re-positioning of our brand is really exciting for us as it’s recognition of our growth over the years from boutique firm to the Top 50 Firm that we now are.

“We’re already working closely with some of the largest solicitor firms nationwide, and our Group’s growth in 2021 – particularly in London and Liverpool – means we can continue to bring value to even more firms across all areas of the UK and abroad.

“The other part of what makes our new brand so exciting is for our team. For years we have been able to enjoy the signature Sedulo ‘giving back’ and ‘having fun’ campaigns, for example the amazing initiatives such as the Sedulo Christmas Toy Appeal. Being Sedulo in-name allows our team to feel an even great affiliation and level of pride in those initiatives, so we’re already excited for what 2022 will bring for the Sedulo Forensic Accountants team.”