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Matrimonial Disputes | How we help

Expertise in acting for Applicants and Respondents

Our Matrimonial Disputes expertise covers Applicants and Respondents acting as a Single Joint Expert, Party Appointed Expert, Expert Advisor or Shadow Expert.

Our team are able to assist in valuing businesses and the parties’ interests therein. We can advise on the liquidity issues of such businesses and the ability to extract funds or realise such interests. We can work with our tax specialists in relation to extraction of funds, or disposals or transfer of other assets held by the parties such as properties.

Finally, we can also review and comment upon Form E and examine documentation and information provided to see if there is any indication of hidden assets or whether action has been taken to deliberately devalue assets or dispose of them at an undervalue.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Share & Business Valuations
  • Help with Form E investigations
  • Tax implications of divorce and separation
  • Collaborative Cases
  • Evaluation of financial standing
  • Assessment of real earnings
  • Release of Capital
  • Duxbury calculations
  • Pension splitting

You were able to deal with a large volume of evidence by email and was able to deliver an excellently packaged schedule of special damages on time and on budget with all necessary appendices to show the documentation upon which the calculations were based.

The presentation of the calculations made the schedule easy to follow and the arguments relating to future loss of earnings and loss of future pension rights helped tremendously in the preparation of the client’s case for a planned Joint Settlement Meeting.

The eventual settlement was based largely on the schedule of loss that was presented; without the professionalism involved in the presentation of the losses we would not have been able to negotiate the very large settlement that we did”

Civil recovery case

In short, both mine and Counsel’s view are that this is an excellent report – very detailed and precise and explains the methodology step-wise in a way which is clear. There is nothing that either of us would seek to add or query at this stage.

Civil recovery case

Thank you very much for the draft report. May I say that it is one of the best I have ever received.

Forensic accounting services

I just wanted to thank you for doing an excellent job in preparing your report, particularly given the tight time constraints.

Forensic accounting services

Your reports and excellent live evidence made the difference.

Forensic accounting services


Mark Strafford